Friday, July 22, 2005

empty circle

We clearly have lost focus. We need to pull out a big map to get a clue of the direction we should be moving to. Let us recap :

1. people outside the parliment were trying to throw eggs and tomatos at it
2. people inside the parliment were punching each other for not getting attention
3. the government was beating the people outside the parliment like they were pancakes
4. the people that boycotted the parliment are closing down

Now can someone please tell me what the fuck is going on here? Did anyone of the four groups in the political spectrum (government, mp's, angry mob, and political societies) make something rational so that I, and hopefully a number of citizens, can say " this person has made a good choice. I will listen to what they say, and I will pin hope on them to make good decisions from now on" ?

1. Angry Mob: Throwing eggs at an entity you didnt have faith in to begin with won't solve anything. please take this time to look for a job or take a night course. I know its hard, but what will your potential employer think of someone throwing food at a building?

2. MP's: Gentlemen, we get it. Half of you is furious at the situation, and the other half wants to please the government and the radicals. Now can we act as grown ups? Can the good ones manage and pull off another term until we boot out the fucked up fanatics next time around? Can you keep your hands to yourselves? Please?

3. Government: we've had enough of this bullcrap. We have a human rights record that makes Sudan blush. Do we really want to keep up with this? We know that a (higher up official) cant go to England or any major europian country because the human rights activists will give him a piece of their mind. The Bahrain representative at the human rights meeting last month was sweating like a pig that weekend. Do we really want to make it harder on ourselves?

4. Wifaq & co.: so the parliment is capable of something after all, isnt it? What do you think now of the "mouthpiece that doesnt have any authority?" Is that what you wanted? half the people shy off the voting polls so the votes skew to the longest beard? You know what I think? Serves you right. Next time around, work on something workable rather than offer nothing and expect change to the better.


Blogger Desert Island Boy said...

Wow, quite the Four-Ring Circus we have running, and no one knows who the real ringmaster is!

Any volunteers?

8:05 PM  
Blogger The Joker said...

DIB, we havent agreed on an issue for a while now.... its good to be back buddy :D

I think a four-ring circus is a better title.

Permission to use it?

11:33 PM  
Blogger Desert Island Boy said...

It's all yours, bro! And I don't mind that we have disagreements as long as we're respectful and there aren't any hard feelings.

Oh yeah, and Chan'ad uses "Circus", for his link to the nuwab, and Mahmood has used it on occasion so I can't take all the credit!

(sorry I took so long to realize that you left me a response!)

6:20 PM  

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