Monday, July 25, 2005

A job well done

The headlines yesterday said that the Government is going to pay out 12 million BD in a single payment (bonus,) and an incrimental increase in government staff salaries of 18 million BD for the fiscal year 2005-2006. Simple math.. thats BD 30m. Usually a bonus is a reward for accomplishment. With the whole Malikiya wall, Ghada Jamsheer Trial, unemployed bash-o-thon parts 1 and 2, the suspension of the Bahraini fisherman law, and the MOI's website registration ( near and dear to this blogger's heart) I say WAY TO GO GUYS !! Thats a job well done !! We're aiming for a bigger bonus next year.

Lets drop the sarcasm now and talk some sense. What could Bahrain do with 30 million BD? First off, we can afford to not spend it on the folks that already have jobs. I mean, the traffic police, bless their heart, doing a very good job organizing traffic in the scorching heat... But I mean some lazy bums that take off 3 hours for the "noon prayer" when people need their beurocratic paperwork stamped... why should he get a 200 BD increase? We're talking close to zero productivity.

Isn't that money better spent in loans to small businesses? Hey, I'm going to hire some help, lower unemployment, try to pay it back, and things get moving around here. Just a fund that gives out loans... They can charge rates even close to retail banks, as long as they help out the Bahraini start-up entraprenuer. This guy is willing to work hard to PAY IT BACK, not sit on his ass all day demanding more pay for a job half done.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Small to medium size businesses make up the economic backbone of the biggest economy in the world, namely the USA.

It would be great if the government had the will to fund such initiatives that would be hugely beneficial in the medium to long-term.

The unfortunate thing is that from a political point of view the bonus will boost the image of the govt and parliament because the people see a direct benefit in their pocket, albeit a short-term one.

Good post...

10:50 AM  
Blogger The Joker said...

These are very valid points. Its certainly a pay-off between popularity and long-term planning.

7:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is also the argument that this further widens the gap between the government sector adn the public sector.
We already have a situation in which people prefer working for the gov than for private companies.

Tariq Khonji

2:09 PM  
Blogger SillyBahrainiGirl said...

a bigger bonus next year?

let's wait and see!

10:30 AM  
Blogger The Joker said...

"a bigger bonus next year?

let's wait and see!"

Thats if they do an even better job irritating us

12:33 PM  

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