Friday, August 26, 2005

Food Online

A couple of friends of mine were telling me about this website. There is a number of restaurants, with each restaurant's menu uploaded. You get to order your meal online, and have a subscription. They deliver it for you if its over a minimum amount.
Now I'm wondering, is this site registered with the Ministry of Information? If yes, then they're barring out ideas, innovation, culture, free speech, and information, but want to keep track of who's ordering a shish kebab tonight? If not, then there is a double standard. Why should some websites register and some don't have to? Because a grand total of 82 registered websites does not lead me to suspect that webmasters are being chased by the secret police to get moving to the MOI with an application form and a fee.
Here is another thing. We are a nation that wants to stuff itself.. too lazy to drive down the street to get a meal, and could care less about our personal freedoms and our rights to think? What upsets me is that the MOI is not putting an effort to embellish their appearance, or try to win the public opinion over, because... honestly.. who gives a fuck if the law passed or not? As long as Im getting my happy meal without minimal effort..... everything's fine and dandy.


Blogger حسن الخزاعي said...

Yeah, a happy meal is much more important to me. Do they accept cash on delivery or I must use my credit card?!

5:38 PM  

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