Thursday, August 04, 2005


I mean, they said 3 days first, then they were like "oops.. changed our minds, we need you to come back tomorrow.." Is it like the dead fellow came back to life so you can cancell it? Did he like un-lid his grave and sit back on his wheelchair?
Its just redicilus! The Banks and the stockexchange were like a room full of deaf people taking directions from a blind man!
I understand that 5 days is too much... But the damage from this indecisiveness is BY FAR GREATER!! I mean how can you make payments to a counter-party that didnt get the message to come back to work this morning? Or how about my family members that left the stockexchange buy/sell orders hanging and went to dubai? Who's gonna pay us for the money we've lost?
BAD LEADERSHIP!!! You should've stuck to your guns! You made a mistake first, ok we understand. But changing gears like that threw us off-beat. You could've at least made the private sector come back to work on thursday, and announce it on the FIRST DAY, LOUD AND CLEAR, so most people at least can make arrangements to be there. Not call people the night before, "Ehh... I was wondering... would you like to show up tomorrow, or deduct it from your annual leave?"

I mean an error isnt a mistake, until you refuse to fix it. I mean what was hard about announcing the change of plan since the first day, and that thursday was the day back?

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Anonymous Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

I must admit that I added to this confusion. When the news broke in the morning, I told my staff get EVERYTHING that we needed to do as far as contact with banks and government IMMEDIATELY, because Bahrain will announce 3 days of mourning by 12 noon. They didn't until 3PM, but that time I already stocked up on necessariy recreational liquids, and cancelled my trip to Dubai, because from experience I knew that will follow Bahrain, but will get one better (worse) by closing all nightclubs and bars (not that would worry me of course..) and came home after telling my office to await further instructions (from me)

The BNA annouced the mourning period only AFTER Palestine, Syria, the Emirates AND Qatar! If you fixed your view on their site that day you could almost FEEL that the adminstrators were trying their best to "bump up" that announcement to before Qatar. Too late. The leadership were indecisive as usual, or rather someone was waiting for someone who was in turn waiting for someone else to make the decision. As if this is the first time we lost a king or emir or president. I would have thought that that page of the manual must be dog-eared by now. Unfortunately, no one in the decision loop could read!

The Chamber of Commerce (CoC) were ONCE AGAIN flexing their muscle. This time again saying AFTER the official announcent that shutting shop is completely volentary, but CoC would be shut for one day only.

THAT CoC decision sent shockwaves in the business community, and the banking sector which created reactions much like yours.

I've been a good private business owner. I TEXTED my staff to come to work on Wednesday, while I stayed at home! ;)

3:39 PM  
Blogger The Joker said...

"I've been a good private business owner. I TEXTED my staff to come to work on Wednesday, while I stayed at home! ;) "

That was awefull! If your business was big enough, I would unionize your labor, then go on strike! Capitalist!

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

heheheahhehh :D

10:07 AM  
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