Sunday, August 14, 2005

Work Ethic

Some people just have their names on the payroll just because downsizing is taboo. They have nothing to do all day long but to either talk on the phone, bother other employees trying to do their job, or go about taking care of their own private business. Since they hung around for the last decade or two, its somehow an obligation to pay them just to keep on hanging around. Whats funny is, we were supposed to re-locate as a department, and these old fucks screwed me out of my assigned office space. They play with their balls all day long, while my job requires privacy, walk-in visits, and one-on-one meetings. I got thrown in the back, while they just whine and bitch and moan to the superiors, until they got their way not because they are convincing, but because top management really can't take it anymore. They know I wont put a fight because I want the job done, while they have no other thing to occupy their minds other than petty stuff.

One thing I learned about employee behavior is that qualified people never complain about their job. If they are underpaid and overworked or something in between, because they sure know that they can move to another job. They have confidence in themselves to pick up somewhere else and build a career. Folks that complain about their job are usually the type that did nothing in their youth, didnt try to learn or improve, and somehow the world has passed them by. The reason why they complain is because they know that where they are at is the best they can get. No one else will hire them, so they're stuck with what they're given.

Thats why they worry about stupid stuff like which office to play with their balls in!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ever seen the movie "OFFICE SPACE"?

4:05 AM  
Blogger The Joker said...


"Right... I'm gonna... go ahead and.. ask you to come in on saturday.... that would be terrific"

I really recommend this movie guys.

6:30 AM  
Anonymous Bonsaimark said...

Ever have a case of the Mondays???

One of the BEST movies ever!

10:24 PM  
Blogger The Joker said...

its a mike judge production. The guy that did bevis and butthead, and King of the Hill (one of my favorite shows.)

2:22 AM  

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