Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I'm attending a seminar, thats why I haven't been around much... we have all these delegates from Europian countries... some african... Mostly EU countries.. and two middle eastern countries.. and I'm from one of them. We have either 1 or 2 people from these countries.. but we have 2 australians... one representing the folks down under... and another Australian lady representing the UAE. Apparently she comes to the Bank of International Settlements for all these events. Now I am wondering... Dubai is going about constructing huge cities and beaches... did they fail to produce a local that can comprehend simple analysis and communication skills? I mean you have all this money.. and we listen about fairy tale projects.. sky scrapers and man made islands and all kinds of concrete and dirt piled up in different shapes and sizes...
Honestly its a blue print for development in the middle east. We are superficial. We dress up our nightline... but did not do our homework and educate generations after generations...
I had long talks with this lady... she's a lovely person.. and apparently very good at what she does... but I wonder ... after the oil dries up... is she still going to be around? What will dubai do with all these nice buildings with no occupants (like this australian lady) to fill them?
This by all means does not mean we are better than them. They just gave me a very nice example.


Blogger ES said...

I wish we could've had long talks as well. Would've been great to spend time with a fellow Bahraini in a town like Zurich.

It'll be like finding a large thermos full of pure water in the middle of the desert.

Hope to see you during Christmas.

11:41 PM  
Blogger ShawarmaBoy said...

"but I wonder ... after the oil dries up... is she still going to be around? What will dubai do with all these nice buildings with no occupants...

I think Dubai and Bahrain will be able to survive and thrive once the oil drys up. It is the other end of the pier you need to worry about.

11:56 PM  
Blogger ES said...

As long as Burgerland is still running, all is well.

12:19 AM  
Blogger The Joker said...

How are Dubai and Bahrain going to afford her paycheck once the oil dries up? Hamburger and Shawarma revenues? As Samuel L. Jackson put it in pulp fiction "I like to think dat.... but dat shit aint the truth"

ES, Zurich is one of the best cities i've seen... Niederhoff strasse at night with the people sitting in restaurants and bars.. and musicians playing... Im gonna try to be there again as soon as I can afford it

6:45 AM  
Blogger ShawarmaBoy said...

From where I sit Bahrain is taking the steps to move past oil. Next month the European PGA Championship will take place at Riffa (the first of many Professional Tournaments I am sure) The F1 and its associated races and products. Continued growth in Banking coupled with the FTA are all positive steps forward. The proposed Central Curreny for GCC nations does bother me a bit but all in all I think the long term outlook for Bahrain is good. Of course the employement issue must be not only addressed but SOLVED. It isn't going to be easy but it is happening.

ES DAMN right as long as Burgerland and Grill Land are running all is well! I alone could keep them in business!

1:56 PM  
Blogger ES said...

If you liked Zurich, you might like Lugano even better.

2:24 PM  
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