Saturday, October 29, 2005

Eid, anyone?

Eid is around the corner. Does it look like it? I'm afraid it doesn't. Are the people in the entertainment business not hungry for our dinars anymore? What are we going to have this year? A couple of lousy plays from the same folks that brought us the ramadan TV series, and thats about it? I remember a number of years ago, every eid holiday, we had a number of the top singers come in here for live concerts. Not that I'm a big fan of their music, but Ahlam, Kathim Al Sahir, Nanci Ajram, and others really got in traffic from all over the GCC; which meant overnight stays, restaurants and cafes, even petrol stations saw more business.

Lately though, we're keeping a very low profile, like having fun is a sin. Some people are of the opinion that this is a government conspiracy, to prove that freedom of expression is bad, because it shys off business and leasure, to return to a more authoritarian regiem. That shit ain't the truth. The truth is, we have young men getting brainwashed by wahhabis and their nemisises with turbans, to run out and ruin whats un-holy.

I was out of the country when this happened. I was told there was a very nice, relaxed and groovy lounge near Burhama or Sanabis. Now its a lebanonise restaurant. It got raided by a school of angry teenagers that were pretty upset liquer was sold near their village. One of the lads was carrying a knife on him, and apparently one of the patrons stabbed him on the side of his stomach. I wonder, what was going on through his mother's head that night? And you know what else I wonder about? Who gained out of all this? The restaurant owner went out of business and had to put the place up for sale; the patron that made the stab, apparently reacted under alcohol influence, which means he is in really big trouble, and the poor kid is in critical condition. Was it the mulla that called the charge? Really not sure. But I certainly do know who's losing out of all this. All of us!


Blogger $iLveR GiRL said...

I think there's more in it than the halal-haram philosophy. Otherwise, how would you explain Black Cats' (the persian band) concert which is gonna be held during Eid?
Eshma3na nas oo nas?

10:48 PM  
Blogger The Joker said...

Did I say it was the halal and haram? You assumed it was that. We had the halal and haram for 1,400 years now... it only became a problem lately. Besides, who's black cats? I never heard of them. But you know whom I heard of? Nanci Ajram that took an oath not to come back here. And Mohammed Abdo, the guy that had a concert one night, and I couldnt book half a room for my relatives that weekend.

1:02 AM  
Blogger $iLveR GiRL said...

Sorry, I based my response on:

"Lately though, we're keeping a very low profile, like having fun is a sin."

Now that I re-read it, k2na I see what you are saying.

The religiously brainwashed kids took over the fun-loving kids, thus there isn't an audience? Is that what you are saying? or am I not comprehending your post right?

Enlighten me, joker:)

6:33 AM  
Blogger The Joker said...

I'm afraid you're not comprehending my post right. The religious kids can out-number the fun kids 99 to 1, but I have a problem with them when they take matters by their own hands and start to throw rocks at their concerts and raid their restaurants. I thought the nanci ajram concert and the "la terace" examples were pretty clear about what I was saying, I donno how you got to that understanding.

ps. I also forgot about the folks that went about big brother.

6:51 AM  
Blogger Cerebralwaste said...


Business likes stability. That sometimes rather elusive thing that helps business make decisions.

Now for the most part Bahrain is a stable nation that is having what I consider for lack of a better term, growing pains. Now if your a local promoter/business person in Bahrain and your business is entertainment you want to bring in acts or stage events that are going to sell tickets. In the US we call it "putting an ass every 18 inches" in reference to the size of the seats. Truly with as FAT as Americans are getting it should probably be an ass every 22 inches but that is another issue!

Anyway when you look at past RECENT events.. Big Brother, Nancy, threats to the F1 Calls to boycott this and to ban "that" why would you as a local Bahrain business or other business person want to take that kind of "risk" with your money? You most likely wouldn't. So you play it safe. NO BRAIN FARTS. Please... Some will not play it safe but for the most part things tend to "freeze" up. The trick is getting things to THAW back out. Remember it is easier to destroy than to create.

And you are right. It hurts everything when this happens. It is the proof that TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS works and isn't just a theory. The money brought in my other GCC residents makes its way from the ticket to Nancy's show, to Hotels, Rental cars all the way down to the local Shawarma shack. Helping the whole economy in one form or another.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


do you call for bahrain to be like dubai? who has nothing to offer but nonsnse. don't disguise your self it very clear.

2:20 AM  
Blogger The Joker said...

oh shit anonysmous! You caught me! That was exactly the plan! I want Bahrain to turn into a sin city.

Now I'm wondering, did you read cerebral waste's comment before saying that?

7:22 AM  
Blogger Cerebralwaste said...


Why do you feel the need to bring Dubai into the conversation? I don't see where Dubai was even mentioned until you tossed it into the mix. Bahrain is doing it's own thing and doing it very well. Perfect? Hell no. Nothing is. BAHRAIN will never be DUBAI and DUBAI will never be Bahrain. Accept it. Deal with it. Dubai has plenty to offer the GCC region and the world just like Bahrain does. Given a choice I prefer Bahrain. I take it you do as well.

If you want to see Bahrain better itself for the future (LONG TERM) issues like what the Joker have brought up MUST not only be addressed they must be DEALT with. Billions in potential revenues are being lost right now. Money that helps employ Bahrainis from the top down. Money and jobs Bahrain needs to be competitive in the world.

If you don't like what I am saying go to and BLAME THE JOKER. After all it is HIS FAULT!

5:28 PM  
Blogger The Joker said...

cerebral waste, you don't need to explain it all from the begining. This person thinks I am arguing for more relaxed rules and social norms, like infamous dubai. Not that I'm comparing or anything, but look at the difference in travel traffic between dubai and bahrain this year. I bet this person can name 5 people that are going to spend eid in dubai this year.

The whole point was something else. The masses need to relax their shoulders a bit.

1:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi every body i think you have to have somethig clear in mind in order to preach even if it has to be modified on the way. you were easily distracted when dubai was mentioed. you are very clear on what you don't want. what do you want? if you were westreners and you could only think of having a relationship with a decent girlfriend, which is almost impossible to have in the middle eastern societies you would never look for what call girls offer in any part of the world.

2:34 AM  
Blogger Cerebralwaste said...

"if you were westreners and you could only think of having a relationship with a decent girlfriend, which is almost impossible to have in the middle eastern societies you would never look for what call girls offer in any part of the world."

I don't think you know "westerners" very well. Visiting a call girl and having a girl friend are two seperate animals. No pun intended.

12:34 PM  
Blogger The Joker said...

I'm sorry. I didn't quite get that. What happened while I was gone? Dubai? Westerners? Call girls?

Was I clear on what I don't want? Thank goodness! That was the whole point. If I wanted to tell you what I want, it will be loud and clear. In fact, what I want is not to see more of what I mentioned. Now can you please reiterate what you were saying? thank you

6:49 PM  
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