Friday, October 07, 2005


My favorite word in Bahraini slang is "hraar". In arabic its written هرار. It basically means Bullshit. Someone asks: What was the speech about? Answer: Hraar about democracy and unity... the usual hraar. Someone thats feeding you the bullshit is usually referred to as a "Harraaar" with a special emphasis on the rolling R's. This word is very useful in your every day life. The newspaper in the morning usually has a couple of hraar headlines talking about bogus investments, or hraar about politicians dicing up this country for their own benefit, then there is the hraar TV and radio that waste 3 minutes of precious airtime about "exchanging cables of good wishes".... and since the 16th of december is coming up... my morning commute will be tarnished with hraar on billboards congradulating the people about the occassion... when in reality its petty businessmen trying to land fat government contracts.
Another form of hraar is "one of the many national airlines, but I won't name it" would cancel your booking so someone else can take your seat. When you start to complain, they explain that this is normal procedure.. and that there must be a mistake of some sort... and that they'll make sure you'll arrive on time.. and every thing is taken care of.... just try to catch the next flight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous yippy yo yippy yay said...

How all the above bullshits have taken shape?
What did we do wrong to make such bullshits inevitable?
What could have done otherwise to prevent these bullshits?
Are they due to individuals or the systems as whole? And if its due to the later, to what extent we can shed a light upon them?
Are these bullshits “origins” or “products” of other “ailments”?

12:08 AM  
Blogger The Joker said...

thats a very good question yippy yo. In my view, its a result of a culture of half truths and half efforts.... it starts when you ask a child to do something and they tell you "inshalla"... when in reality inshalla means they might do it or they might not.... that somehow translates to a monotone media that can only stay as chief editor and not get deported is taking total bullshit from the government & related entities and pretending it makes all the sense in the world.... besides.. if there was one source of information... anything broadcasted is pretty much assumed to be true.. because there isn't much of something else to nullify it... thats the way I see it... what about you? What do you think is the reason?

6:44 AM  
Anonymous yippy yo yippy yay said...

Let me first answer if the bullshits were origins or products of other ailment. I reckon it starts from bullshits in the ancient history of Islam, from those people who stopped the “alijtehad”, and purely depended on newly invented idolatry of followers and companions which produced another bullshits (which is the natural result of preventing use of brain to judge and distinguish rational from the nonsense) hadiths and eventually we reach the current level of insanity, irrationality and absurdity.

We turned, pal, to be bunch of FOLLOWERS since centuries ago, thus followers, with no brains are bullshits

7:12 PM  

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