Saturday, October 22, 2005

Top intellects

* "Yippy yo yippy yay" emailed this piece to me. Please enjoy.

Despite the comfort I felt when I went through the results of the poll because of ranking professor Chomsky on the top of the list, it sounds rather weird to have yousuf alqaradawi on the same list. Why? Because the majority of the listed intellectuals exerted all the efforts to stand up for criticizing repugnant regimes policies and hegemony every where, fight for human rights everywhere, and support the spirit of resistance for better lives while Mr. Alqaradawi and Mr. Ali al Sistani, spent the whole 2004 in pronouncing their command to the public about participating in Iraqi voting (and for those who fails to vote will be burned in, as if Mr. Sistani is the holy guardian) or to kill all the Americans in Iraq including civilians( because for Mr. Alqaradawi the distinction between military and citizen has vanished) and when they are faced with tremendous censure, they put the blame on the media which "miss-quoted" them. We never heard from both of them, not even once that they censured any of the dictator regimes, never made a speech on how people in other parts of the word are suffering from hegemony and imperialism. What are the books, which really indicate their intellectuality?

Thank you once again, yippy yo yippy yay. Keep them coming.


Blogger The Joker said...

Allow me to draw a comparison between your post, and what I wrote about the transparency report that ranked the middle east. I suggested the results were politicaly influenced. Its like the Nobel awards, where lots of nominees refused to recieve the prize, because they were convinced it served a hidden agenda.

Another example is the Oscars. Most winning pictures recently focus on jewish suffering, world war II, and when there was a small shuffle between the US and China about the spy plane, the movie from Taiwan "crouching tiger hidden dragon" bagged one.

12:34 AM  
Anonymous yippy yo yippy yay said...

You just arrived at the crux of the issue dude. I think you have heard of the campaign headed by Ali Al Sistani disciples to nominate Al Sistani to be a Nobel Laureate of “peace”, and when questions of “where was he before the American invasion?” “Did his actions contributed to the peace and unity to the Iraqi people? “Why did he leave Najaf just couple hours ahead of the American invasion of that city?” “And why he is invisible?” give a rise; you get riffraff justifications full of hidden political agenda inspired by ignorance and sectarianism

2:35 AM  
Blogger Cerebralwaste said...

“And why he is invisible?”

I understood he was recovering from a heart attack.

2:46 AM  
Blogger The Joker said...

cerebral waste, heart attacks become as common as the flu sometimes when people are faced with a decision that might lose them their popularity with the fan base. I don't know how genuine Mr. Sistani's heart problem was, or what his political stance exactly to be honest, but I am old enough to know that heart attacks are the easiest alibi in middle eastern politics.

3:37 PM  
Blogger Cerebralwaste said...

I agree but I do know he has been in and out of the UK for treatment for his heart. Judging from his age and prior history from where I sit I tend to "buy" his story.

Speaking of hearts there has been some buzz around the DC area VP Cheney is going to step down and Condi will take his place.. Thus setting her up for a run for the oval office in 08. Few will doubt the VP's bad heart!

6:08 PM  

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