Sunday, November 27, 2005

Arab world.. Persian gulf

lately, I've read an article calling for arabs not to refer to these great plains as the Middle East, but stress on calling it the Arab World. The article is uncovering a massive conspiracy from the west (where else) to inject a foreign object "Israel" into pure Arabia. It said that the west is attempting to ease the integration of Israel into the region by referring to us and them in a mutually inclusive region. Thank you sir for bringing to my attention this cunning masterplan. Can you beleive what would be the outcome if I succumbed to that lethal play on words? While we're at it, one must note that the term cross-check is also a deceitful term that might turn into checking each other to see if we were wearing a holy cross or not, and Toyota and Motorola are old hebrew insults to our mothers, just like pokemon, that promotes zionism and gambling.
Iranians are funding a big movement to prevent the name "Arabian Gulf" and spread the name "Persian Gulf" after a stupid dispute. The activists sent threat letters to National Geographic for publishing that name on their map, boycotted the publication, even started selling wrist bands to finance this worthy cause, just like the yellow "live strong's." They try to explain this stupidity as "preserving the persian empire." Well... you could try to preserve the empire by not voting a nut-job into office, that wants Israel wiped out but swears on his mother's soul that he doesnt attempt getting a nuclear bomb.... You can also try spending money on school books and computers rather than bombs and tanks.... You know what else I bet would preserve the persian empire? I bet letting journalists and bloggers out of jail to speak their mind sure would help too.
Now back to the idiot that wants to draw the line between the arab world and the middle east.. You can dress a pig in a tuxedo, but its still a pig. No matter what you call it... If I, for example, call the area I live in Jokerland... does it change the reality of where I live? Not one bit... You know what would? If I planted more trees and less land mines... It sure would make it a more pleasant place to stay in.


Blogger Abu Sinan said...

More reason why so much bad happens in the region. Everyone is too busy stabbing each other in the back to see the larger picture. Arab instead of Middle East? I dont but it. I reject the truth that not everyone in the Middle East is Arab.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long Before the name "Arab" was present, there exist the ancient ARYAN (PERSIAN,MEDIAN, PARTHIAN) Empire whos shores extended from east to the west. "Trying to change Arabian gulf to Persian Gulf Propaganda"? You Arabs are the minority in our Aryan region. May the Fire of Zartosht prevail the aryans and free our regions from these backward creatures --> the inferior arabs

8:10 AM  
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