Thursday, November 10, 2005

Empiror's New York

In the 1930's, a Chinese Empiror went to New York City for a visit. He was taken to the top of the Empire State Building (ironic,) and he was very much bewildered with the sight of little lights all over the city. He decided he wanted his city in China to look the same.

As soon as he got back to the orient, he called for the Prime Minister, and gave him one million yuans to finance the street lamps project. The Prime Minister gathered the Ministers and informed them that the Empiror has set aside the grand total of half a million yuans, and gave them his blessings. The ministers called on the municipal representatives and passed along the 100,000 yuans to go ahead with the project. That week, the municipal representatives beat their drums and declared "Good people of this city, the Empiror has ordered each and every one of you to hang an oil lamp on your houses."

That night, the Empiror stood at his balcony, and was very happy to see his city glowing with little lights like New York.


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