Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Empty hands

Bonsai-Mark once told me about a saying they have over in New England. They say "idle hands are the devil's workshop." Very true indeed. The fiercest riots and demonstrations we've had lately are in one form or another related to the unemployed. Now why wouldn't you find someone like me burning a trash bin or throwing rocks at policemen with big guns? Because I kinda have to show up at work tomorrow morning... and I better be shaved. On the other hand, someone my age or younger.. with no job or education to attend to... doesnt really need to give a flying fuck about most of anything... In fact.. he's already pissed.. so someone yelling over his head and charging him ahead definetely has his ear. If we're too dis-organized of a community and a government to sell oil and hire 30% of our labor from abroad but have 20% unemployment.. this is a serious problem that certainly will get some people mad. If we can't find them jobs, can't we at least put them to use? I've seen community programs in the United States organize all-nighter programs. They have a basket ball tournament ( 3 on 3) all night long in urban minority neighborhoods, to keep deprived young men off of drugs. Can't we at least take a big portion of these people to fish during day time or make wooden crafts to sell to tourists? Sounds stupid and simple.. but it beats taking the country back to the infamous mid 90's.
Please do not think that you are above or better than any of these people out there tonight. You were just lucky enough to get nurtured and set up for a more fullfilling life, and something to do all day long.


Anonymous Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

problem is not all of them are unemployed... quite a lot join the demonstration in the hope of increasing their minimum wages to BD 314+ (or whatever the "center" said the minimum wage should be) so there is a lot of political motivation in these things and it is foolish to think that it is exclusively due to their being unemployed.

7:21 AM  
Blogger حسن الخزاعي said...

ليس من أدنى شك في أن العامل الإقتصادي هو الأقوى في حث هؤلاء الشباب على الخروج للشوارع ولكنه حتماً ليس العامل الأوحد، فكما ذكر محمود بأن كثير من هؤلاء موظفين أصلا (وإن كانت أجورهم متدنية) أضف إلى ذلك أن هناك فئات أخرى عاطلة عن العمل إلا أنها لا تخرج في تلك المظاهرات، فالبطالة متفشية بين شباب السنة والعجم أيضا إلا أن أحد لم يسمع عن تحركات لهم. أظن بأن العوامل السياسية الأخرى والاضطهاد الذي يعاني منه الشيعة هو الذي يدفعهم للتظاهر فبالرغم من كل الإصلاحات الحكومية إلا أن هؤلاء لازالوا يحسون بالاضطهاد والاستصغار فمن البرامج التلفزيونية السنوية التي تسخر من لهجتهم وتستخدمها كمادة لإثارة الضحك مرورا بالتوزيع الغير عادل للدوائر الانتخابية عندهم (في الانتخابات البرلمانية الأخيرة كانت البديع دائرة واحدة والدراز وباربار وبني جمرة دائرة بالرغم من أن عدد سكان هذه القرى الثلاث أكثر بما لا يقل عن عشر أضعاف عدد سكان البديع) وليس انتهاءاً بمخاوف هؤلاء من عمليات التجنيس السياسي. أظن أن كل تلك الأمور تعمل في اللاشعور وتأجج إحساس الشباب بالظلم والاضطهاد وتحثم للخروج على النظام والتظاهر ضده.

جوكر، كان متوازناً إلى درجة كبيرة في موضوعه وهو أمر يشكر عليه حقاً إذ أن الحفاظ على التوازن في أمر كهذا غاية في الصعوبة وإن دل ذلك على شيء إنما يدل على تجرده عن استقطابات الشارع والتحزبات الطائفية... ربما ينبغي على كل واحد منا أن يحاول نهج ذات الخط الذي سار عليه جوكر في مقالته هذه

حسن الخزاعي

10:29 AM  
Blogger The Joker said...

Its really nice to have you back Hassan. You\'ve been missed.

Thank you both for your comments. Mahmood I did not say, and certainly did not mean that people are out there because they are unemployed. But they are out there because something is missing, or something needs to be done. I don\'t buy the minimum wage argument because we get Asian workers to do twice the job for half the wage...the labor system needs tuning overall.

Another thing is these people don\'t have anything to lose anymore. I mean think how much balls it takes to throw rocks at someone in a defender with a rubber bullet gun.

I think officials should give these people something to \"worry about losing.\" It could be a day job, more involvement in the community, or more involvement in decision making as Mr. Khozai has noted.

Khozai said that they feel they\'re making fun of the Shia dialect on television. I disagree completely. I think its way overdue that we hear the different dialects we have here. For years now, there has been a serious misrepresentation of the Bahraini demography. I think involvement, like the accent on tv for example, is a good step rather than outcasting them into angry demonstrators.

12:45 PM  
Blogger Cerebralwaste said...

"GIVE a man a Fish and you feed him for a DAY . . .
TEACH a man to fish and you feed him for a LIFETIME."

But how to you teach someone who refuses to be taught?

11:11 PM  
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