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This piece was mailed in by my friend, yippy yo yippy yay, which will be known from now and evermore as "profoundity ferret."

Recently I have been going through Omar Shareef biography and I stopped at his answer to a question " do you believe in God", " I believe in every thing and nothing!, since I born, I was told that believing in God is believing in justice, and I did not and will not see justice in this world", he replied.

I am not intending to conclude anything from his statement about his belief, rather, what I would like to stress upon in his statement is the word justice. I can see his point pretty well. Where can we find this justice in here? Your boss is such an airhead, with no proper education and personality, not mentioning his sick attitude while you holding your qualifications and educations, striving to develop and improve, and he is your boss.

Where is that justice, if you apply for a job, with everything it takes to assume that position, and you see that your chances is voided, some one knows someone in the same place and he/she let him in.

Does justice mean one gets what he deserves, or is rewarded as much as he puts?
Where is that justice, any one?


Anonymous Paps Wisconsin said...

I would say that the real thing you have to think about in this situation is; what is your definition of "justice"?

It may be justice to johnny joe cubicle, who has came to the conclusion that a mid-level management position in the most bureucratic, faceless corporation is "justice". And the "justice" itself may be what one may perceive as "The best possible goal they could ever personally reach".

I personally believe this theory with everything day to day. "Life is perception, everyone's is completely different, down to every little detail." Of course religion is dealt with in the same fashion. I respect everyone elses "perception" or choice of religion, but I don't believe any of them are good for my existence, or where I believe my "soul" goes.

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