Tuesday, November 29, 2005


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History of dissention between people and the government has taken several shapes ranging from the severe repression to cold feet attempts of reform. The common factor between the two eras is that they all took shape from people’s pursuit of their interests.

Scrutinizing those interests, some observers arguably concluded that whatever people consider and identify, as being their interest and act accordingly toward them must be regarded as such and an attempt to postulate that people are pursuing objectives and interest that might turn out to be contrary to their ultimate goals is improper.

Well, the above postulate has based its conclusion on unreasonable idealistic view of what impels people, build their belief and consciousness and form their values and principles. People consciousness of all matters are formed and shaped immensely by external powers and how flexible and exposed are people toward them. So people tend to zealously defend their interest when they see that some powers are exposed to jeopardy (religion) or when some become so rigorous (poverty and unevenness).

People might, however, erroneously define and prioritize their interests, which jeopardize other interests and their existence. For instance, people in Bahrain are so fervent to political involvements through endless demonstrations and forums in respect to the domestic issues and show full support and passion to the external events such as Iraq and Palestine, and they put their wrath on hold, or in rapt silence for economical matters (except for unemployment issues of course, and they deal with it from political perspective rather than economical). Did any one of us witness demonstration asking for justifications and explanation to grim report on Bahrain’s competitiveness issued by BNCC? Did any of the cleric, scholars and “elites” mount the platform or through web forums and gave speech on environment issues, health issues, Recent Audit Bureau Report, Labor market, reform of labor market, increasing unemployment, school drops, birth restriction, educational requirements for labor market, educational standards (especially university of Bahrain standards), charity funds, need I go on? No words mouthed due to both misinformation and disinformation.

To disavow misinformation and disinformation is to disavow indoctrination and manufacturing the consent among various classes in the society. People stance is product of social, political and religious controls and people’s goals and actions to achieve goals would be considered legitimate if they are free to choose and decide.

Do you think that parochialism does exist in our society?


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i think there is :)

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Dont forget!

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