Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Preparing to fail

I got home after I watched Bahrain's best and finest footballers grass-roll and fake injury thier way out of some get-together footballers have every four years. I am writing and behind me on TV switzerland and Turkey are fighting with every tissue of muscle to knock each other out. Switzerland came in with a 2 nil lead. They got in and scored another... but did the Turks hang their boots already? They were mentally prepared to get back in there... and surprise surprise they tied 3 - 3 at the hour mark! It doesn't matter if they do qualify or not... at least they gave this day what it deserved.
How about we compare that to us? Basically, fans, players, politicians, and everyone were divided in two halves. The first half was so sure we were going to qualify and prepared for the celebrations days before the game (and I was part of that), and the other half was preparing to lose. They voiced subdeud low self esteem before the game, and sure enough, our boys put on red shirts and rear-guarded their penalty box like a 2 foot wall in front of a 9 foot tsunami!
Now, to the people that are supposed to manage the team. Did you ever entertain the posibility of T&T scoring one goal throughout your trip from the carribian to the gulf? Certainly a possibility when their forward got a golden boot award after he won the champions league in 1999! Its not fair to get off on them hard from my side, because we were all along until we got here.. its just a shame we got this close.
Now let me change this sour subject into something else I wanted to blog about when I was wondering which in-road to take to watch the "after-qualification-celebrations." Before the game started, I could swear I saw advertisements on the sports channel for 2 new newspapers and 4 different colleges. In a decent society, colleges and newspapers are the most intellectual institutions harboring the elite, and producing mind and management. Introducing a publication is fine, but whats up with these double door universities? Do they actually certify doctors and bankers and lawyers? Do they fail weak students? I mean you ran an ad on TV and I signed up for class.. the customer is always if I answered Shakespear died in World War 2, by God he died in WW2! Now print out my certificate!
Does anyone see the implications of allowing these classrooms-on-wheels taking in University of Bahrain rejects and telling them "its ok to cry.." ? I guess this gets back to my original point.. we are not preparing the coming generations to take on the world. We are cutting corners, blinded by the all mighty dinar. Rather than license the dozen universities we have, why don't we do it right the first time? Pool in all those resources, fund a proper research programs in all kinds of discipline, and cough up a proper budget to bring in top school professors, and a little shed of self-respect of admitting the competent rather than the wealthy? I would hate to get gray and old, rolled into an operation room, and the doctor's certificate looks like it was faxed to him!
PS: Turkey just lost the tie.


Anonymous Profundity Ferret said...

What those parties have to do with the abysmal failure? Did hobbyists who allegedly called footballers hear those parties (politician, etc) voice or they do hear the voices of corrupt management of the team? I cannot see the link between the subdued self-esteem and those hobbyists playing in pure defense.

I have one suggestion to the government. We all know that we have large number of unemployed persons. So instead of spending, supposedly, those millions on training them, and trying to find them decent jobs, why can not we use the unemployed in the first football team, by the we do have to spent at most 3 million, if they fuck up and 3+something if they do well. And if the unemployed disagreed we can convince him that: to be in the national team you do not have to be talented, you do not have to have any skills of what so ever, just walk in the field like sick duck, if you win we will give thousands that is enough for you to survive till next year, or next league, and if you lose, you still going to get those thousands, fair enough! Moreover, you do not have to win, just play on a tie, you do not have to win any match, and you still have the right to dream of the world cup! Believe me, in Bahrain every thing possible. Still not convinced, look at your fellow Bahraini players, they win in nothing but one match, they have clearly shown that non of them have a skill to release the ball to his colleague, they played to get money, they lack everything necessary to be international team, and still getting thousands.

The problem is not because self-esteem or whatever you call, it is because of management and planning. If we have good and qualified management of the team we would not have these players, there are many talented players in the country but they do not chosen for several reasons, one have to live with it, they are not up to it in all material aspect, they reached that close to the world up with only one win! And surprisingly people forgot all that history and focused their attention on the debatable cancelled goal.

I urge people in charge for a cessation of this game in Bahrain till we have proper management and planning of what we need to achieve and how and by whom?

I hope people stop blaming referee or the coach, because this is an attitude of the losers.

In sum, if someone wants to reach something, he has to deserve it, persevere to get it, and has competitive advantage to maintain it. I am sure non of these existed in our “national” team.

1:46 AM  
Blogger The Joker said...

It all gets back to proper might have read over that part in my post

You know what we should do more of around here? People in charge have to sit down every once in a while, see what is the objective of having them in these certain functions? What are we trying to achieve? Once that is clear, they have to identify what resources they have to get to that achievement or result, then start formulating a strategy to use those resources to get to that point.

As fans we had to be mentally prepared. Ferret you were one of the people that said they won't qualify early on. Surely enough, they wont with that attitude. Some said "even if they did, they'll go to the WC and lose horribly.. which put the players in more self doubt.

now lets forget the players for a while... poor boys were really crushed.. especially hussain baba and mohammed sayed adnan...

You see my point about lack of planning and just spur of the moment decision making?

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Profundity Ferret said...

Surely enough, they wont with that attitude.

Man for god sake what my attitude and other’s have to do with their failure? It is not our attitude, which affects them, it people’s who surround them. Simply put, if I am Brazilian fan, and I am having this attitude that they are going to fail, are they going to fail??? Hell NO NO, why?? Because they deserve not to fail. They worked so hard not to, disregarding what their fans say and feel, even if it was their president!!!

1:34 PM  
Blogger Scorpio said...

This is a bit unfair isn't it? How many Bahrainis are there? 400000 at most. Its something like 150th in terms of the size of population, but is ranked in the top 60 in terms of the national team. That's not bad surely?

The problem was not the coaching or the players' talent, but fear. These guys played like they were terrified of the pressure, especially in the first half. They had the chance and then they bottled it.

Its inexperience - if a couple of the players were used to big occasions in a European country the side would have had the confidence to handle it.

4:59 PM  
Blogger The Joker said...

" It is not our attitude, which affects them, it people’s who surround them."

This is exactly what I mean.. we surround them = we affect them... except if we lived in boxes underground

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Profundity Ferret said...

That is not what I meant joker, people surround are people who have direct contact with them, to affect them by words and attitude, among those direct contacts are: papers, management of the team, senior government officials, etc. not some one discussing the issue with his friend on the street and said they are going to fail, so that you blame him for that attitude.

9:35 PM  
Blogger The Joker said...

But ferret isnt that being kind of hypocritical? on the one hand you say "I am sure non of these existed in our “national” team." And on the other you say that people surrounding the team should have a different attitude? At any rate, those dreams are up in smoke now. I hope the people running the show learned a lesson or two.

Scorpio, the population is not really what tips the scales. We managed to play in front of China in Shang Hi and outplayed them. Its as you correctly mentioned, the fear of big occasions. We squandered big games, one after the other in all of the major tournaments we took part in. And this one was no different.

11:29 PM  
Blogger Cerebralwaste said...

"I would hate to get gray and old, rolled into an operation room, and the doctor's certificate looks like it was faxed to him!"


11:16 AM  
Blogger delle said...

I was at the stadium for the football game, and I must say that my esteem for the Bahrainis has dropped a couple of notches after the way the booed their own team and threw the chairs towards the pitch in anger after the match. Totally hooligan behaviour.

It was an experience nevertheless, and I should thank my lucky stars no fireworks exploded on me.

12:57 PM  

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