Sunday, November 20, 2005

Selective Justice

A week or more ago, I was late for work.. so in order to cut time, I drove into the yellow lane on the side of the flyover in Manama, next to the Pearl roundabout. Soon enough, police lights were beaming, and I started singing "Bad boys bad boys.. watchu gonna do.. watchu gonna do when we come for you!" in my head. The Police officer walked that condisending walk we all know, put his hands around his wrist, and smirked that old "what do you think you're doing this morning, son!" He started looking for other offences he can come up with to nail me... that car badge looks old to me.. did you renew your car registration? Why yes I did, sir... can I just leave now?
Like a good citizen, I took my traffic ticket and promised not to do it again. I said to myself I fucked up.. I have to face the consequences like an adult and drove off....
This afternoon... I was walking around the old souq, I saw a police officer ticketing the cars in the off-limits space.. just walking around and signing his autograph one after the other... he got to a fancy Benz, and as sure as the day is long, I saw that little fuck swiftly glide around that car and ticket the ones behind it! Now that didn't send warm fuzzies over my body... I could swear it was the same jack ass from a week ago... if it wasn't him I'm sure he would've done the same thing.. from that condisending attitude..
Harsh laws are nice... apply them on everybody so they become laws... sticking it to the poor is just bullying them around and nothing else!


Blogger irfs said...

hahaha...sorry i know ur ticket is nothing to laugh about but it reminds me of the time when i used to get pulled over by this policeman while driving to school...

he used to give everyone tickets but used to make me wait till 8.10 until all the traffic had cleared (my brothers used to walk the rest of the way to school) and then he used to lecture me in broken english how cars are made to be driven on the road only and not the sand pit next to the school....he was a really nice guy in one week i think he caught me 3 times but neva gave me a ticket, lol ;)

btw, sorry to digress from the topic...loool

1:47 AM  
Blogger Abu Sinan said...

Didn't you know people who drive expensive cars have different rules than people who dont? This is an international rule. It applies as much here in the Metro DC area as it does anywhere in the Middle East.

3:52 PM  
Blogger The Joker said...

I've always believed that if I can pinpoint a problem that's keeping us from developing as a society, it would most probably be no rule of law. Yesterday Alwasat had a headline about a higher up official's son selling off "free visa" workers at the going slave market rate.. if we had proper enforcement that kept that little wiesel at nightschool or whereever stupid fucks go to, we wouldn't have an unemployment problem, would we?

9:55 PM  
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