Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Window dressing

It says right here, "To underscore the friendship, the Saudi foreign minister presented Rice with a chocolate birthday cake inscribed to her and with the flags of both nations. The Saudi delegation then sang "Happy Birthday" to her, U.S. officials said. Rice turns 51 on Monday."

Excuse me... I think I need to get my geography straight. Isn't this the same country that doesn't celebrate Prophet Mohammed's birthday? Here they are sharing cake with an infedel, thats also a WOMAN, and singing happy birthday? Whats wrong with my compass?

If celebrations, birthdays, valentines, and new year's eve go against pure Islamic teachings, then why do these politicians tend to forget them when Ms. Rice is in town? If they're more like loose guidelines left for personal interpretation, then why are they being enforced on us?

If you're going to enforce your demented views of religion, and shove your own convictions down my throat, I guess I'm out of luck...thats my problem.. but why didn't you stay consistent when Ms. Rice showed up at your doorstep? Why did you run to the window and paint it with peaches and cream? You should've made her wear a decent Hijab, bring a male relative or (perferrably) a husband to the meeting, and dismissed the satanic cult called "birthday", like everyone else! Why did you cater to her enjoyment and personal satisfaction, when I can't go to a Mall in Saudi with male friends any day of the week? By the way, there was an MP that even asked that Seef Mall had a weekly "Ladies only" day too!

The reason I raise these questions is this little party clearly goes against the Fatwa about buying flowers. I quote “It is not the habit of Muslims to offer flowers to the sick in hospital. This is a custom imported from the land of the infidels by those whose faith is weak. Therefore it is not permitted to deal with flowers in this way, neither to sell, to buy nor to offer them as gifts,” the fatwa said.


Blogger $iLveR GiRL said...

There are all sorts of funny fatawi out there with no proper regulatory authorities governing the stream. Not to mention that the Internet has made it easier to come up with fictional fatawi like that one. So, who is the thoughtful specialist that cooked that up?

I demand a source.

11:53 PM  
Blogger The Joker said...

I don't get this... are you denying that Saudi's are only allowed to celebrate 2 occasios? Eid after ramadan and Eid after haj? How do you buy someone flowers any other time of the year then? And is it uncomprehendable that in Saudi and other retarded places, they enforce stupid laws like this on you?

If you still have a problem beleiving it, these might be useful.



فتوى رقم 21409 تاريخ 21/3 /1421 :

الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على من لا نبي بعده .

وبعد، فلقد اطلعت اللجنة الدائمة للبحوث العلمية والإفتاء على ما ورد إلى سماحة المفتي العام من المستفتي محمد عبد الرحمن العمر، والمحال إلى اللجنة من الأمانة العامة لهيئة كبار العلماء برقم 1330 وتاريخ 21/3/1420هـ ، وقد سأل المستفتي سؤالاً هذا نصه : ( لقد انتشرت في بعض المستشفيات محلات بيع الزهور ، وأصبحنا نرى بعض الزوار يصطحبون باقات - طاقات الورود - لتقديمها للمزورين ، فما حكم ذلك ؟

وبعد دراسة اللجنة للاستفتاء ، أجابت بما يلي:

ليس من هدي المسلمين على مر القرون إهداء الزهور الطبيعية أو المصنوعة للمرضى في المستشفيات، أو غيرها. . وإنما هذه عادة وافدة من بلاد الكفر، نقلها بعض المتأثرين بهم من ضعفاء الإيمان، والحقيقة أن هذه الزهور لا تنفع المزور ، بل هي محض تقليد وتشبيه بالكفار لاغير ، وفيها أيضا إنفاقٌ للمال في غير مستحقه ، وخشيةٌ مما تجر إليه من الإعتقاد الفاسد بهذه الزهور من أنها من أسباب الشفاء ! وبناء على ذلك: فلا يجوز التعامل بالزهور على الوجه المذكور ، بيعاً ، أو شراءً ، أو إهداءً . انتهى.

Besides, if it was made up, why haven't we heard the board responsible for fatwas come out and deny it?

6:36 AM  
Blogger $iLveR GiRL said...

la la.. it's undeniable lo shaqoool! I

I was only referring to the flowers fatwa. 3adi 5eth oo 5al.

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if i were you i would call it a scandel instead of window dressing..why? a birthday party is a social occasion..right? so where is the wife of the saudi foreign minister?

2:27 AM  
Blogger Cerebralwaste said...

I can honestly say a Muslim brought this infidel some flowers while he was in the hospital in Bahrain. For whatever that is worth!

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Don Cox said...

Condi has been sent abroad by the evil Bush regime to undermine Muslim society by tempting the keepers of the mosques into eating chocolate cake. We can expect a total collapse of morals in SA shortly. I hope.

3:16 PM  
Anonymous ODIE said...

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