Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Apple Cider again ?!

I knew apple cider was good for nothing since day 1! It says right here that the Jordanian students over at Apple Cider (the mother university) started a rumble with the GCC students over there.. picking up fights and what have you.. because the said minority won in the student elections over there. Apparently an Omani that was inaugurated with a pipe on his head, and other kuwaiti newly elected reps incited anger about Saddam and GCC nationals having more money. The Islamic movement (who else) accused the kuwaiti students of bribing voters to win, and apparently went on to start their jihad on them.
First of all, these people will never understand democracy. When will they understand peaceful succession of power? I mean who am I to blame them.. whats their role model in the greater middle east? Syria?
Second, if our students are -ALLEGEDLY- rich enough to bribe their way to office, why the fuck do they have to go to a second tier school in Jordan to get an education? Can't their governments afford a decent school here? I mean Kuwaitis apparently don't send warm fuzzies down Jordanian students' spines... why are they taking the frequent beatings from time to time? The quality of education there? Rather than send them by bulk to bribe their collegues, just build them a decent school here and hire good professors and buy quality books.


Blogger TariqKhonji said...

This is real funny...can you cite who your sources are?

12:28 PM  
Blogger The Joker said...

I first read this story on the last page of alayam I think.. and the source in the post is from Elaph, web based news agency. All the articles that talked about this incident were arabic publications.

3:17 PM  

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