Thursday, December 22, 2005

Be safe out there

Lately, lots of metal has been colliding on the streets. All week I've heard different stories of people losing their lives on the main highways. As a matter of fact, a couple of hours ago I was told that 3 young men and a truck driver are no more because of what seems to be the latest in this string of accidents.
Now is not the time for the blame game... but I think I can propose a solution that might curb the frequency of fender benders going around town. First and foremost, we have to close the King Fahad Causeway at night. The traffic that comes here during the day is redicilus... I think its logical to start a cut-off period at around 11 pm. We can have a grace period during the weekdays maybe, but I think there is less necessity to go back to Saudi in the weekend at 3 in the morning right after happy hour. If you're coming here.. you're more than welcome.. stick to our rules. To those that might think that this might block some tourism dinars away, here is where you're wrong. We might end up making more. People will use the airport at night more often, especially the better off tourists, which means the airline industry might crawl out of the gutter... this also means the taxi's might get back in business... ask any taxi driver.. chances are he is not a very big fan of the King Fahad Causeway.. because they drive in their own cars.. And.. we will make money because the night cerfew forces people that drove in to stay the night here.. so they will probably have to crash in one of the fine hotels they probably spent the night in.. so thats hotel room revenue.. I'd say the pay-off evens out.. and the streets will be much safer because you'd have less drunks trying to cross the border at light speed so they can get home and take a piss!
Now.. the other proposal is to be more selective in giving driving permits. Not just any 18 year old gets to drive out of the traffic department on his birthday... I think.. if you fail a year in school.. that is one more year you put off.. you're not eligible for a license until you're 19.. and so on.. if you go to college early.. you get your license early as well to make it a fair deal. The point is.. if you spent more time studying and less time skidding and racing your car.. you'd pass school.. I wish they had an IQ test rather than an eyesight test over there.. if you fell in the lower quarter you disqualify... we want to thin out the weak genes behind the driving wheel.


Blogger Cerebralwaste said...

"I can't Drive 55" by Slammin' Sammy Hagar should be the National Song of Bahrain.

8:28 PM  
Blogger LiB Team said...

I am not up for closing the causeway, I am up for destroying it altogether! Or at least make it one way only, for Bahrainis to go there and shop for much cheaper items than what's in Bahrain. But do not allow Saudis to drive unless they're 700,000% Sober cuz even when they're sober they drive a car like they're handling a camel. Maybe they SHOULD let some police stand permanently near the causeway toll booth and do alcohol tests for everyone trying to cross that body of water at 3am at the speed of warp-4.
and I agree about having IQ tests but not just for those who wanna take their licences, first it should be for those bitches working in the traffic department. They are even more idiots cuz they employ all the uneducated idiots and now we have idiots on a power trip that they impose heavy tickets and fines on those who treat them nicely and politely. And they let away the "rich and powerful" and those who are like them. I tried it myself once, I was really polite to the guy and he took my license away for tinting my glass, legally! and I was once caught I don't remember for what but I started shouting at the guy and he let me go! see?

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think they have to close it, the laws just need to be inforced. They should set up a check-stop in the middle of the causeway.
Also, I have to agree about the economics. I don't drive on the weekend because I get to frustrated. If the laws were inforced maybe I would go out and spend some of my hard earned cash.

9:34 PM  
Blogger The Joker said...

Whats the point of checking them on their way to saudi? We don't give a flying banana about what happens to them once they're out of here. What we're worried about is their impaired ability to drive around here... Enforcing the laws are a very good suggestion at all times.

The notion of closing the causeway makes sure they don't drive fast across town, because they won't be going anywhere.. so they might as well book a room and pass out here.

Cerebral waste, do you remember that UAE license plate we saw driving around us like a crazy maze?

4:11 PM  
Blogger Cerebralwaste said...

If there was ever a case point to be cited to bolster your point it was those UAE dipshits who didn't know their collective assess from their elbows beind the wheel. Without a doubt there is no way they were sober.

4:27 PM  
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