Sunday, December 11, 2005

Cake or Death?

On my daily blog route, I saw a comment that basically said its a shame that blogger was a so-called-muslim. On another blog, I read a comment that basically called a very good friend not a loyal citizen and a couple of other racial remarks. (I at least hope it was the same person and not two separate people leaving those comments.)
My favorite comedian, Eddie Izzard, had a bit about the spanish inquisition in his stand up show "Dress to Kill." He explained that part of history as a red army that marched all over Europe chanting "Cake or Death! Cake or Death!" Meaning, if you chose to subscribe to their orthodoxy of Catholicism, you got cake.. if not.. they chop of your head. Not left with much choices there I guess.. and I wonder what happened to the people after they ran out of cake?
It kept me thinking.. Saddam Hussain, and many of his likes, stayed in power basically making it clear that if you disagree with me.. you are not loyal... and if I ever doubt your allegance.. I will kill you! In fact, you will have to work VERY HARD to stay alive.. because you have to customize yourself their interpretations or parameters, or they will strike with vengence.
What a rational person would consider independent thinking, they consider unloyal.


Blogger $iLveR GiRL said...

"What a rational person would consider independent thinking, they consider unloyal."

Very true indeed..applicable on everything from science to religion.. 7ata my family circle included. Whenever I disagree with Mum, she says: يطلع من ذيلك عدو.. Dad on the other hand says: لين جاك االدود من بطنك من وين تجيك العافية..

What was previously established should stay the same ever after..Bas 3alaa maayn..kelna doood :)

1:02 AM  
Blogger The Joker said...

you know... I read your comment twice maybe.. and I just figured out what your dad's saying means! Lain yaak il dood min ba6nik..

I like that. Doesn't mean it makes sense.. but cool thing to say.

I guess different opinions are rebelish ideas to the people that oppose them.

3:15 PM  

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