Monday, December 19, 2005

Clash of Civilizations

People with middle eastern traces over in Australia are getting attacked. Drunk white boys are upset that some brown people (habeebs) look like a couple of young men that either blew themselves up in airplanes, trains, and night clubs; or attempted to do so in places like Australia.

Now I am part of the generation that was taught that people are differet... so cultures are different... not that they're good or bad.. just different.

After the US was attacked, and launched a war on terror, they were trying to win some hearts and minds by saying its not a clash of civilizations.. we're just out to get extremists. Extremists are the small outlayers away from everyone...

Well.. in Cronulla beach 5000 punks showed up just because of an SMS message.. they turned out with australian flags.. racist chants... and written offensive slogans on their shirts:

"Many demonstrators wore clothing with slogans such as "Wog Free Zone", "Aussie Pride", "Fuck Allah - save Nulla" and "Ethnic Cleansing Unit". Chants of "Lebs out", "Lebs go home" and other expressions were continuously shouted by many of the demonstrators, including families with young children"

5000 is not a small number.. so this kind of makes me doubt the conclusion that there is no clash between civilizations... the bad people on both sides are given too much ends of the stick... The reason why I think civilizations are clashing is most humans come from families of between 3 and 6... Osama bin Ladin came from a family of 55 brothers and sisters... On friday nights most people in the world are watching football games... in Riyadh, Karachi, Kabul, and Tehran they watch "criminals" get beheaded.. gives a new meaning to the word culture shock there...

I didnt have time to read the whole story.. but today there was a headline that the Saudi government is asking women to be realistic in their demands... sounds to me like they're saying car keys are a far-fetched dream...

All these australians marching down the coast kicking the shit out of "lebs"; and on the other hand, the Saudi's not standing for women driving a car, carrying proper identification documents, and TGIF fridays are handless theives and head-less fornicators really looks like a clash of civilizations to me.


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