Saturday, December 03, 2005

Head in the sand

This past week and a half has been sort of eventful. We've had an honorable MP asking god to "show him a black day over the majority of the population", a young man accousing undercover police forces of unspeakable crimes, and civil unrest in old Mrs. Manama and new miss Seef.
Now doesnt this look like a slip up from the begining of the month when the Liberals tried to organize a movement "we have the right" and the Women's council was fencing with Isa Qassim and his followers about the personal status law, in a very civilized manner? Why did things go south all of a sudden?
Now that all that tear gas has settled, maybe its time to notice that lately when there was a flicker of constructive dialogue in our local politics (Wefaq remobilizing into the parliment, women rights activists and opposition lobbying for a law, businessmen with new ideas voted into the Chamber of commerce, liberals making a stand) someone must have pulled the rug.
The government as of yet has its head in the sand, waiting for this wave to pass. The high authorities in the land dismissed the whole parliment in 1975 not to be seen until the next millenium... I kindly ask you to dismiss one member now. We know its not the formal procedure.. but we feel that what he said qualifies as a misconduct that should not keep him in a decision making function, and certainly a breach of human rights. Thats the first thing I'd like to see. The second is, investigate the accusation of the midnight raiders. Be clear about getting to the bottom of this... Do us all a favor and put these issues to rest...


Blogger SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I like the way u have summed up the 'SHITuation' in Wonderland .. but why isn't anybody listening to The Joker's Voice of Reason ??

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