Monday, December 26, 2005

Identity Theft

Last night as I was driving home, \"Girl you\'re my Angel\" was playing on the radio.. only it wasn\'t Shaggy and his feature singing it.. it was some country singer lady that probably wore 2 inch ear rings and high heel boots and sang about her ex husband that shot her dog at cowboy bars.

I don\'t know if you noticed this... but a couple of years ago country singers started remaking old black/soul music. White people.. you don\'t sing the blues.. you give black people the blues so they can sing about it! Can you imagine Tim Mcgraw singing Nat King Cole\'s \"unforgettable\"? Would anyone like it if Snoop Dogg sang Frank Sinatra\'s \"Thats Amore\"?

This identity theft is kind of funny. I read on one of the blogs about the 2005 bedouins.. long hair.. unshaved desert rat beard... and sipping a frappacino at starbucks. I donno about you, lawrence of bahrain-ia, don\'t you suppose a real bedouin drinks fresh goat milk in the morning? Young man.. its ok to go to private school and live in a Saar complex.. and I do see where you\'re coming from.. I see all the reasons why you have an inferiority complex that makes you want to turn into an Arabian Prince.

Because of the hierarchial society we live in, people have to conform to feel accepted. Some of us became very good at hiding their accents.. they seem to drop it somehow when they try to impress people with power and money.. and somehow it magically reappears when they meet up with their extended family members. Schizophrenia.


Blogger jaffar Al-Omran said...

I just want to make a comment on the title.

Did we have an identity so that it might be theft for one reason or another? Identity of people in this part of the world vanished hundred years ago due to so many reasons, which are intricate to state in brief for both, its magnitude and complexity.

1:29 PM  
Blogger The Joker said...

Wow! I never looked at it that way. You're right in a sense that there is a vacuum that just absorbs whatever is out there.. i.e. whichever direction the wind is blowing

4:58 PM  
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