Thursday, January 19, 2006

Who's looking after your children?

I found this at the Indians in Kuwait website. This is shocking, sick shit! A kuwaiti family hired this house servant, and noticed their son tired and worn out on a daily basis when they come back home. They hid a camera to see what was going on.

I don't only blame this sick individual.. I blame the slavory system that entitles people in the GCC to fly in brown people from elsewhere and pay them dirt.. fuck this running.. we even trust them with our kids.. are you sure you want to underpay and piss off the person watching over your kids when you're gone?


Blogger Zainab Alkhawaja said...

Oh my GOD! I think this video should convince every mother never to leave her children with maids. and you are right in not putting the blame on the maids. The whole system is messed up.

10:44 PM  
Blogger Nameless said...

The video was way too disturbing for me. I'd die if god forbid I had a child who was treated that way. Thank god I've always treated our maids as part of the family - perhaps that the reason why one lasted for 15 years and the other for over 6 years. A baby sister of my friend was killed with rat poison in her milk that the maid intentionally mixed as a form of revenge in saudi arabia years ago. Others have committed suicide from misery, stole jewelry or made copies of the house keys to get robbed or even killed. Never under estimate a poor human being. They can be a lot more psychotic when they're ill treated.

11:31 PM  
Blogger The Joker said...

Zainab and nameless.. I'm glad both of you agree with me that we can't just blame the maid and forget the big picture.

Also, we have to give credit to the person that posted it. The woman in the video looks indian or srilankan... and I found this video posted on the indians in kuwait website.. most probably by an indian. Good form.

2:25 PM  
Blogger ES said...

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Blogger ES said...

That's just atrocious, but it's not unbelievable. I'm sure worse things happen, especially if the kid's parents piss off the maid. The best way to let it out is to mistreat the kid.

How can you yell at a maid and mistreat her and expect her to take care of your child, properly? Especially if the child is not old enough to complain? And even then, parents won't believe them, since the maid would convince them that it's not true and the child is just making shit up to get back at the maid because she didn't let him play outside for long.

I wish people would take responsibility for once. I hope the parents aren't playing the victims. The only reason this happened is that they weren't there for this boy, who's probably traumatized by now. They risked their child's life by being too busy with insignificant shit like "shopping." Not even "work" is a good excuse. The dad has to go to work, fair enough, where the hell was his mother? A child that young should be left with someone trusted, like another family member. Not a complete stranger who's clearly unhappy with her job.

It's time for us to pick up after ourselves. We never had a maid and we turned out just fine. Everyone I know feels the need to get one even if they're perfectly capable of taking care of themselves and their family. They feel like they can have a social life and be parents of young kids at the same time, but a good parent would never have both. If you find time for both then you're doing something wrong. Kids require your complete attention until they're about 7, when they start having friends and long days at school.

Most people don't get it, just because you can afford a maid doesn't mean that you should get one. They're really just there to cook and clean when you're too busy taking 5-hour naps in the evening. Unfortunately Zainab, these stories are told all the time, maids abusing kids and old people who can't fight back. People are saddened by it, but they never take it as a sign. They repeat the story for others to hear and say it's terrible and a week later they'll hire a maid to fulfill their "needs," without thinking about the huge risks.

"Oh, that's just one maid out of a million! The chances are too small!"

What about the stories that we don't know of, then? I still can't believe why you'd put a family member's life in danger merely because you're lazy.

I wish more people would read this article:

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