Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Abu Hamza is in the big house

Yesterday Abu Hamza got convicted. In case you're wondering why he looks like that, the first day he had his shiney new hook on, he was so comfortable with it that he forgot it was there at all... later that afternoon his eyelid was itching.. OUCH! Should've used the left hand, shaikh abu hamza.. but thats another story...
This is the Itenerary:
Guilty of 6 charges of soliciting to murder
Guilty of 3 charges related to "stirring up racial hatred"
Guilty of 1 charge of owning recordings related to "stirring up racial hatred"
Guilty of 1 charge of possessing "terrorist encyclopaedia"
Not guilty of 3 charges of soliciting to murder
Not guilty of 1 charge related to "stirring up racial hatred"
Now, my area of concern is this guy didn't start yesterday.. in fact.. he was found directly connected to an attack back in 1999 (They're so much now I honestly can't keep track.) Why did the British government look the other way for so long? I am under the impression that if it wasn't for the july 7th bombings, one eyed jack over here would be shooting Danish cows down.
Abu hamza was wanted in Egypt and Yemen for multiple counts.. in EGYPT & YEMEN!! THE MIDDLE EAST IS SICK OF HIM...doesn't that kind of tell you something? Fanatics like him (Saad Faqih & Co) found a warm bed in the UK for a long time... its about time the British government dropped this stupid policy of letting in terrorists as long as their activities are offshore. Its a bad political bargaining strategy that led to bad things.
Here are some facts:
-UK police had interviewed Abu Hamza during 1999 over alleged involvement in terror plots in Yemen, but no charges were brought.
-A police search of the mosque in 2003 led to the discovery of forged passports, CS gas, knives and guns and it was closed down.
-he will be eligible for parole in 2008. (Thats in two years.. you think he'll learn his lesson in two years?)
-Following his arrest, more than 3,000 audio cassettes and 600 videos were found of speeches intended for wider distribution. To go with it, "a terror manual - an encyclopaedia of Afghani Jihad - found at his west London home listed Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty as possible targets for an attack."
- Abu Hamza was a nightclub bouncer in Soho.
Offbeat: I found a new blog called "Blame it on Bahrain."


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We get him when he gets out of the joint in the UK. He hasn't seen the last of prison stripes when the Brits toss him.

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