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I do not sympathise with terrorists at all. But hating terrorists should not be an excuse to lose our values. The world is calling upon the United States to do something about Guantanamo Bay... and its a very strong argument when new torture pictures start floating around coming from abu ghraib.

Now I find the United States to be very hypocritical in this area of concern. Here they are trying to spread democracy in the region through many different military and non-military channels.. and to crown this new era of democracy in Iraq, namely, they insisted on having Saddam in court.. tried like anyone else... now thats good.. I love that... now can you practice what you preach and have the 500+ prisoners in Guantanamo Bay stand before an independent courtroom, not a military branch? Because right now... what you do and what you say are two different things.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's hypocritical of the world to be more concerned about 400 terrorists in Guantanamo Bay than 70,000 murdered villagers in Darfur.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The United States is using the same logic you are on this issue. When the U.N. HRC is composed of Countries that are responsible for human rights abuses, How can they pass honest judgement.
Here's the short list:
China, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Nepal,Uganda, Sierra Leone, Togo, and Vietnam.
Secondly, The U.N. HRC never once visited Guantanamo Bay. Not Once. They were invited but found it much easier to sift through the stacks of inuendo.

Also, this is not the United States, This is the current administration. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that all detainees should have a fair trial on American Soil, but it also realizes that it has no jurisdiction over Guantanamo. In fact, the Pentagon has even given the administation a list of detainees who"pose no threat". People who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now, I'm not saying that I agree with this base, in fact, quit the opposite. But to have this list of countries in the position to make judgement is laughable.
Also, to the anonymous poster. The U.N. is doing all it can for Darfur. It has organized troops through the African Union and has provided relief and sanctuary for refugees. It is currently seeking the help of NATO for a larger military presense. The UN does not have it's own military, it relies on member countries and donations.

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Blogger The Joker said...

Anonymous 1, very well said. I can't agree more. But here's something you forgot.. Sudan isn't preaching democracy and human rights in Iraq, are they? If the Sudaneese government tomorrow supported the current government and constitution in Iraq, I promise you sir, I will take down this post tomorrow morning and replace it with another one talking about Sudan.

Now as for Anonymous 2, I'm not a big fan of the U.N. In fact, I avoided mentioning it. But its still hypocritical when the United States supreme court rules something unconstitutional.. the ADMINISTRATION goes out and does it in another jurisdiction? I mean thats like american teenagers going down to mexico to have some beer.

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Blogger aliandra said...


It's happened before. The Supreme Court says something's illegal and the government does it anyway. Google on President Andrew Jackson.

Most Americans don't have too much sympathy for 400 terrorists who belong to the same club as the 9-11 mass murderers. If they did, there would be more pressure to get the Guantanamo situation resolved.


The US has stated it would not be providing any ground troops to Darfur. It has learned that saving people from genocidal governments only gets them hatred.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2; The US refused to let human rights inspectors from the UN to speak to the inmates privately, would you tell on the torturer in front of his face while facing indefinate torture and a life in jail without trial? The countries you list are on the committee, yes. The people who actually do the work are different like Bush/Cheney in example. They did talk to the people who were already released after being prosecuted for misdemeanors, like the Brit who spent 3 years there. For selling farming equipment in nigeria, captured by militia and sold to the US for 25000$.

Are you grouping the EU with Saudi Arabia, Syria and the US as countries without respect for civil rights. Even in pure economic scandals a goverment that would be so openly corrupt would have been toppled a long time ago, maybe not in Estonia, but still.

US citizens accept that the legal system has lost control of the goverment and the americans accept that. I kind of think that makes it a partial fault of the people? A public outcry from a nipple slip, but nothing after electrodes in the testies?

4:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u only now see american hypocrisy? LOL! That's their polisy main feature for more than a century already. Now they talk bout democrasy, tolerance and all that shit, and at the same time killing and torturing thousands of people, raping the world and killing the nature.

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