Monday, April 24, 2006

Witch Hunt

We have Satanists in Bahrain? HORSE SHIT! Satan can't be anywhere near this territory.. if he was.. he would be fucking unemployed! His job is done for him.. as a matter of fact, he is outshined.. what worse can he do? We have a cult that wants to whip asses and chop off hands at their own discretion in power, people burning tires and powerplants in their local villages, and Michael Jackson lives in a beach house while honest law-abiding citizens look for empty cans in the trash.... what can that Amatuer add? Envy, gluttony, pride, greed, and sloth? Go work on your gig, boy!

As to you, horribe MP's, your little game of witch hunt before election time is pretty obvious. What were you thinking parading with that Slayer shirt? That band had a moderate fan base with heavy metal fans to begin with.. if anything you're helping them resurface! You could've at least used Mega Death or Metallica! Who blames you.. after the joint you rolled up and the pill you chased it down with last session.

The good people of Bahrain put you in that chamber so you can fix what needs fixing.. any other popularity stunt would've been fine if the idea, even though fictional, affected us directly in a positive way... but running around yelling "THE DINGO IS GONNA EAT YOUR BABY!" is a cheap shot.

Next time I see a teenager bowing down on a pentacle yelling "We are not worthy", I will vote you back in office.


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