Sunday, May 14, 2006

Indentured Servant

Back in the 1700's, when Europe needed people for Labor-intensive cash crops in the new world, and they needed more slaves than they can get, a form of contract was used called "Indentured Servant." Basically the system was a needy person would sign a contract to work without pay for a tenure (usually 7 years) in exchange for the "ride" across the atlantic.. plus food and maybe a shared room.. just to keep them going.

That was what I immediately thought of when batelco whipped out their "generous" offers. I'm very shallow in technical hi tech stuff... but I'm not dumb enough to buy their scam. In fact, them offering the first package was infair in itself.. we were corporate slaves conforming to what that communist company spit at us. Now they, unilaterally, play with their unfair rates.. based on.. "get this"-> the (Yes Sir) research center found out that most Bahrainis don't really need unlimited internet. Thank you for your obvious concern about our personal finances, but don't you think that if that was true, people would've switched back to dial up or the other limited package?

And here is another thought that your pricing analysts might have missed.. when you have a higher speed internet (its about fucking time) YOU DOWNLOAD MORE SHIT! and when you download bigger shit.. you get a BIGGER BILL! What? The figures from 1995 don't seem to show it?

Wire splitters.. people that share a line hurt your profits.. I understand... but who are you to read the verdict and lay down collective punishment? Please sue their pants off in court. While you're at it, you might want to review your prices.. its a major influence on usually law-abiding honest people to shoplift some connection.